Rexmere Village truly offers something for everyone, which is why, when coupled with the unsurpassed value, more than 200 families have relocated to Rexmere Village in the past two years alone!

Our residents love the community events, The Wharf Club™s enormous pool, exercise classes, fishing, tennis, shuffleboard, putting green, fabulous weather, and a host of other conveniences like RV and boat storage.

A full size color coded map of Rexmere Village. Red lots are “Super-Premium�. Coral
colored lots are “Premium/resort�. Yellow lots are “Transitioning to resort�.

"One of our friends told us about Rexmere and to take a look at it, and we looked online and we were, like, there is NO way it could look like that. And then I drove up here and I went "Wow! They weren't joking" and as I went through, everything was clean, kept, put together' you see kids jumping off the bus' the pool and the amenities, and the gym.. make it feel like a resort hotel. You have everything, everything for the kids here' It's homey and friendly, like you™re in a hotel. Beautiful!" - Residents Tony and Magda on the Rexmere Village community

Luxury Series

*These are examples of the types of features found in Luxury Series homes. Not all features will exist in all Luxury Series homes. Every home is different.

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