Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Rexmere Village in a good location?
Rexmere Village is in the heart of sunny Florida, less than 15 minutes from great shopping, restaurants, museums, movie theaters, and the world class Gold Coast Beaches. MORE

2. Is there an HOA?
No. There is no Home Owner's Association. We are not a condominium. We are a community of single family homes in a land lease community. MORE

3. What does it cost to live in Rexmere Village and/or Paradise Village?
Community Site Fee: Virtually all of your major community-related expenses are going to be covered under the monthly site fee that includes maintenance and virtually all taxes. MORE

4.Can I get financing? How do I qualify?
If you are a responsible individual with a good history of employment, or perhaps you are self-employed, you might well qualify for financing at Rexmere Village. MORE

5. Where can I see what homes you have for sale now?
Our website contain most of our listings for both model homes and resale listings. You can find listings for MODEL HOMES HERE and listings for RESALE LISTINGS HERE.

6. What is a Prebuilt or Manufactured Home?
A Prebuilt versus a Site-built home is simply a home that was built in a controlled environment. There are many advantages to this type of building. Visit or Pre-built page here.

7. Can international buyers purchase at Rexmere Village or Paradise Village?
Yes! We have many, many home owners at Rexmere Village who are from outside of the U.S. -- Canadians, Brazilians, Argentinians, Europeans and more!

8. Can I purchase my home as an investment and rent it out?
The community does not permit rentals. The high quality of the community is due largely because our homes are occupied by homeowners. MORE

9. Are Pets Allowed?
Yes! We are pet friendly*. The communities welcome up to two four-legged pets per household. Some backyards can be fenced, subject to Community review and approval. MORE

10. What is the process? How do I qualify?
If you are paying cash for your house, the process can be very fast and easy. You will need to sign a purchase contract along with submitting a community application. MORE

11. What are your hours? Do I need an appointment? Our sales offices are open seven days a week! While you do not need one, we highly recommend making an appointment in advance so you don't have to wait.

*Subject to change and to individual usage.

*All amenities, features, services, charges, rents or fees are subject to change, termination or alteration at any time. The community, or its vendors or providers, may discontinue at its discretion, or as provided for or detailed in Community prospectus rules, or lot lease. The charge for certain services or features now paid for by Community may, in the future, be the responsibility of residents, if detailed in Community prospectus or rules of lease.

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