Land Lease


#1: Value

  • You purchase a home for much less because you don’t have to buy the land.
  • Very low taxes (annual pass through tax only).
  • No commissions, title policies, title searches, architectural and engineering fees, transfer fees, recording fees, deed preparation, lenders policies, surveys, building permits, erosion control permits and driveway permits. All of which can cost money and your valuable time.
  • No direct exposure to the ups and downs of land value.
  • Whether it’s a new car that you want, or more money in a retirement fund, land leasing saves you money so you can invest it and make it work for you elsewhere.
  • Leasing usually costs less over the long run than buying the land outright.

#2: Community

  • Our dedicated professional management and staff work hard to build a great community. Many of our staff members are also residents.
  • Land leasing is often better than apartment living for children and pets.
  • Background checks completed at move-in help make our communities safe and secure. If you rent or own elsewhere chances are that you won’t know who your neighbors are. We do. Whether you travel a lot or just want to feel safe at home, our communities keep a watchful eye. If something doesn’t seem right, a neighbor usually calls our office so we can make sure things are exactly the way that they should be.
  • At Rexmere Village and Paradise Village we have amenities that you’ll have a hard time affording (or even finding) anywhere else!

#3 It’s Easy!

  • Buy and move in today. It’s that easy!

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