The Rexmere Village Luxury Series*

is a highly upgraded line of homes for the most discerning buyers. These are stunning homes of incomparable style and beauty. MORE

Luxurious Interiors*

The inside of a Luxury Series home by Rexmere Village is a soothing oasis. Interiors are carefully and professionally designed for maximum comfort and style. MORE

Delicious Details*

Unexpected details define the Luxury Series. Each home is unique, and has been lovingly decorated by a team of craftsmen and artisans to create an environment like no other. MORE

Relax in Style*

Your home is your castle; your oasis. Home is where you go to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate. The Rexmere Village Luxury Series is designed with a spa resort in mind. MORE

Luxury Series

*These are examples of the types of features found in Luxury Series homes. Not all features will exist in all Luxury Series homes. Every home is different.

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